Extra Mural Activities

At Arbor Primary School we encourage our children to participate in sport and cultural events.  This contributes to the holistic development of children.  

All learners are placed in "Sport Houses" at the beginning of each year.

The houses are:

Ash - Blue

Elm - Red

Oak - Green

We offer a broad spectrum of extra murals and these activities cater for children who enjoy sporting as well as cultural activities.

Practice takes place from 14h00 - 15h15 Monday to Friday afternoons.

At the beginning of each term, an extra mural programme is sent home so that learners and parents can see what activities are available for that term and when practices and matches take place.  Should learners be selected to represent Arbor Primary School in any team, it is expected that they attend all practices, games and matches.

Our Teachers are involved in the extra mural programmes and are encouraged to install good sportsmanship above a "win at all cost attitude".

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Our Extra Mural Activities


All learners are given the opportunity to try out for Inter-House Athletics in Term 3. Selected athletes will then compete at the Inter-House Athletics day.  Athletes may then qualify to compete at Inter-Primary, Greater Benoni, District, Gauteng and SA Championships in the following year.

Events offered are:

Sprints U/7 - U/13

Middle Distance U/10 - U/13

Hurdles U/9 - U/13

Long Jump U/10 - U/13

High Jump U/10 - U/13

Shot Put U/10 - U/13

Javelin U/12 - U/13

Discus U/12 - U/13

Relays U/9 - U/13


All learners can try out for the Cross-Country team by participating in the Inter-House Cross-Country at the end of Term 1. Cross-Country training takes place in Term 2. Training focus' on fitness, stamina and running skills. In Term 3, athletes participate in league races. Athletes qualifying for the Cross-Country team will compete against other schools and may then qualify to compete at Greater Benoni, District and Gauteng Championships.

Age Groups & Events:

U/9 - U/10: 2km

U/11 - U/13 Girls: 3km

U/11 - U/12 Boys: 3km

U/13 Boys: 4km

(U/7 & U/8 age groups compete in the U/9 age group)

Junior Soccer

Mini Soccer is available for Grade 1 & 2 boys and girls during Term 1. There are tournaments at neighbouring schools and Arbor hosts a Junior Soccer & Netball Tournament annually.

Ages: U/7 - U/8


Coaches select teams in Term 1 who will compete in league matches against other schools in Term 2 to determine the league winner.

Ages: U/9 - U/13

U/12 & U/13 players are selected to represent the school at trials.

Netball & Mini Netball

Netball team selection takes place in Term1. A & B Teams from U/7 - U/13 are selected. Teams will then compete against 8 schools in the Benoni area in Term 2 to determine the league winners. If an Arbor team places first in the league, they will then compete against schools in other Districts.

U/12 & U/13 Netball players participate in Benoni trials for D6 team selection where they can progress to the Ekurhuleni & ultimately the Gauteng Team.

Players are taught to be competitive but also to be ladies. Highly qualified coaches teach our players the following attributes: to be team players, fairness, leadership, compassion, sportsmanship & teamwork.

Ages: U/7 - U/13


Swimmers may participate in our Inter-House swimming event where the swimmers for the school team are selected. These swimmers may then compete at several galas throughout the swimming season.

Swimmers can then compete at the Inter-Primary event.

At the end of the year swimmers get to compete in the Inter-Primary relay gala.

Ages: U/7 - U/13

U/7 - U/8 compete in the U/9 age group


Badminton is played in Terms 2, 3 & 4. Provincial Trials takes place in Term 1. School trials takes place at the end of Term 2. Players who qualify may participate at the SA Schools Championships.

Ages: U/7 - U/13


Learners can try out for T-Ball in Term 3. Two friendly matches are played and the season ends with a Saturday tournament.

T-Ball is a sport for enjoyment & develops Softball skills.

Ages: Grades 1 - 3 


Softball is available in Term 3 & 4 for Grade 4-7 learners. The teams can progress to the Gauteng Championships.

Based on the position of the teams in the league, a set number of players have the opportunity to be sent to trials for the Ekurhuleni Team & thus participating in a tournament in December.

Age Groups:

Grade 4 & 5 Boys and Girls

Grade 6 & 7 Boys and Girls

Ball Skills

This fun, non-competitive sporting activity takes place in Term 1 and 2. Ball skills focus on the basic motor skills of locomotion, ball control, throwing, striking and kicking.

Player develop concentration & listening skills and have social integration with other players.

Ages: U/7 - U/9 


Mini-Cricket is offered in Term 3. Boys play in league matches and end the season with a Saturday tournament. 

Mini-Cricket is offered to develop cricket skills and for enjoyment.

Ages: U/7 - U/9


Skills development and trials take place in Term 2. Matches are played in Term 3 and teams compete in league matches to determine the Ekurhuleni winners.

U/10 - U/13 players can progress to trials for Benoni, Ekurhuleni & ultimately Eastern Teams.

Ages: U/9 - U/13

Art Club

All learners, who wish to enhance their creative ability are welcome to participate in the Art Club during Terms 1 & 2.

Extra Lessons

Arbor Primary offers extra lessons in English, Afrikaans & Mathematics during Terms 2, 3 & 4 for Grades 4-7.

Extra lessons are available to anyone that feels they may benefit from these lessons.

Parents will be informed in writing should a teacher feel the learner would benefit from extra lessons. 


The Eisteddfod is possible the most exciting extra mural at Arbor Primary. This is for all our aspiring drama kings and queens.
In the Junior Primary, the emphasis is on mass participation and having fun! They enter individual & group items.
In the Senior Primary, learners audition in Term 2 and may be chosen to participate according to their ability. A variety of items are entered with Prescribed Poetry, Reading, Own Choice Poetry, Dramatized Poetry and Speeches being the favourites.

Annual Concert

Arbor Primary puts on a production every year and all children from Grade 4 to 7 are allowed to take part. We have a talented teacher who writes our scripts loosely based on popular tales to make it interesting for parents and children alike.
Following strict protocol, Colours are awarded for drama. Adjudicators score the performers on their acting ability & then further marks are awarded for responsibility, behaviour, attendance and amount of words.


Grades 5-7 learners write a General Knowledge Quiz test and students with the highest marks in each house are selected for the House Team. Each team consists of 3 members plus 1 reserve who will go head to head in a very exciting quiz contest where open sections see the contestants using buzzers to answer. "The Quickest Finger Wins". Learners who answer the most questions correctly go through to the Inter School Quiz Competition which is hosted by Arbor each year and always proves to be a fun and exciting evening.

Speech Evenings

Arbor Primary learners thrive on Public Speaking and we showcase our talent in two different evenings.
We have an Inter-Grade Speech Evening in English for Grade 4-7. Four learners from each grade are selected to present their speeches and each grade winner will be awarded a trophy. The best Grade 6 or 7 learner will then progress to the Inter-School Speech Evening hosted by Arbor Primary.
We are also proud to host an Afrikaans Speech evening for Grade 4-7 learners.