The School Team

Mr. Patrick A. Arentsen

Principal - Arbor Primary School

Welcome to Arbor Primary School.
Our school is characterised by being a happy, friendly family school.
Arbor offers a consistent high standard of academics as well as sport and guidance.
The education offered at Arbor prepares your child to achieve at high school and compete in all aspects of life.
The one major strength of our school is our unique parental involvement in our school, be it in fundraising, extra-curricular, maintenance or SGB.  Parental participation is not only appreciated it is encouraged!
We have a strong group of dedicated staff members, who are committed to offering the best education available to your child.
I personally believe that a child must be happy at the school they attend – a happy child produces far better results, and everyone wins.
Welcome to the Arbor Family.

Mrs. Nicole de Montille

Chairperson - Arbor Primary School Governing Body

Welcome to Arbor Primary School!

As educators and parents of children at Arbor Primary School we understand only too well how important it is to have a child that is thriving in a well-balanced school that embraces everyone in their own uniqueness.  The primary school phase of a child’s life lays a foundation for their future, and at Arbor Primary School the team commitment to ensuring that our children are given an opportunity to grow and develop in a balanced, holistic and quality educational environment lies at the centre of everything we do.  This approach to our children provides them with a solid foundation that will ultimately serve them well into their futures at High School and beyond.

In our capacity as the School Governing Body of Arbor Primary School we look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school and embrace you as part of our family.

The School Governing Body (SGB) exists in accordance with the South African Schools Act (Act 84 of 1996) and is made up of elected members from the various constituents of the school namely parents, educators, administrative and general staff.  We are all volunteers and have voluntarily offered up our time and abilities to serve the greater good of Arbor Primary School.  Members are elected from the constituents and serve for a period of three (3) years.  This dynamic ensures that there is a constant and committed team at the helm.

The parents and staff of Arbor Primary School have traditionally been very involved and committed to the well-being of all at the school, and the SGB is a representation of the level of commitment offered by everyone related to Arbor Primary.

As the SGB, we work with the Executive of the school to adhere to the specific roles and responsibilities laid out in the Schools Act as well as ensuring that legislation and Gauteng Department of Education targets are adhered to and met.  Part of our parental responsibilities lie in fulfilling the role of Chairperson and Treasurer and four additional parental roles within the SGB.   This specific requirement in terms of the Act serves to reinforce the critical and pivotal role that parents play in the governance of Arbor Primary School.  While traditionally the focus by the SGB is on the financial aspects of the school and ensuring that there are sufficient funds to guarantee the day to day running of the school including infrastructure maintenance, we also provide input and act as a sounding board for the implementation of policies, new projects and staffing solutions.

Parents are a crucial part of making Arbor Primary School work and the involvement of parents on the Parent Forum help provide a platform for a more informal and social approach to being involved in our school.

In the modern era of technology and “anti”-social media engagement, it is crucial that we keep the human connection without the interference of technology.

I strongly encourage you as a parent to become involved with various activities (Maintenance days, school fun day, parent / teacher concert) within the school, not only will you get to know other parents, but you may find some friends along the way and your children will thank you for your contribution by bragging to their friends about what you have done.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

This is the unwritten saying by which the SGB of Arbor Primary School lives by and together with the school motto and vision we strive to ensure that Arbor Primary remains “The best on the East Rand in study and play” (to quote our school song).

Our ultimate goal; to ensure that Arbor Primary School nurtures and allows our children to grow into balanced, confident and honourable individuals who are able to stand on their own no matter where they end up in the World.

Arbor Primary Staff

Management Team

Mr. P.A. Arentsen - School Principal

Mrs. W. Lewis - Deputy Principal (Grade 5-7)

Mrs. C. Liebenberg - Deputy Principal (Grade 1-4)

Mrs. A. Wright - D.H. Foundation Phase

Mrs. S. Reddy - D.H. Counselling, Subject Head for Life Skills, Arts & Culture, Life Orientation

Mrs. B. Parratt - D.H. Grade 4 & 6, Subject Head for Mathematics and Cultural Subjects

Mrs. M. Panayi - D.H. Grade 5 & 7, Subject Head for English and Afrikaans

Miss K. Blackburn & Miss R. da Silva - Head of Extra-murals


Grade 1

Mrs. C. West (Grade Head)

Mrs. K. Ezendam

Mrs. L. Lace

Mrs. A. Wright

Mrs. K. Pretorius

Grade 2

Mrs. K. Krauss (Grade head)

Mrs. D. Cooksley

Miss. T. Kohl

Mrs. M. Conradie

Mrs. C. Leisher

Miss. R. van Niekerk

Grade 3

Miss. K. Blackburn (Grade Head)

Mrs. K. Baumann

Mrs. K. Hancock

Mrs. S. Loock

Miss. S. Anderson

Grade 4

Miss. C. de Villiers (Grade Head)

Miss. R. da Silva

Mrs. Y. Groenewald

Mrs. M. van den Berg

Mr. D. Liebenberg

Mrs. C. Liebenberg

Mrs. H. Pickford

Grade 5

Mrs. C. Burrows (Grade Head)

Mrs. O. Bouwer

Mrs. J. Botha

Mrs. M. Panayi

Mrs. K. Rothman

Mrs. B. Smith

Mrs. S. Reddy

Grade 6

Mrs. F. Chengadoo (Grade Head)

Miss. M. Oosthuizen

Mrs. C. Veenendaal

Mr. J. Ware

Miss. T. Scott

Mrs. W. Lewis

Mrs. B. Parratt

Grade 7

Mrs. L. Willemse (Grade Head)

Mr. P. Arentsen

Mrs. H. Pickford

Mrs. H. Cooper

Mrs. L. da Silva

Mr. G. Groom

Mr. D. Santiero


Mrs. J. Russell

Administration Supervisor & Finance

Mrs. V. Maritz


Mrs. H. Reyneke


Mrs. L. Koen

PA to Principal & Deputy Principal

Mrs. F. Smit

Debt Collecting & School Fees

Mrs. C. Delport


Mrs. G. Lourens

Debt Collecting & School Fees